“my NY Student Housing” (NYSH) is a Long Island based Real Estate Investment Company, which buys and sells Real Estate in New York State, within a predetermined proximity to college campuses, in an effort to offer a higher-end alternative to on-campus living.


Our mission is to provide quality housing for qualified college students.  Far too often college students are subjected to the deteriorating conditions in off-campus rental properties, left by landlords who do not properly maintain their rentals, thus subjecting the students to unsafe, unhealthy and dangerous living conditions. 

At NYHS, we offer the alternative, and provide what these landlords are simply unable or unwilling to provide…….a clean, safe, healthy living and learning environment with an all-inclusive approach.  All of our units come completely furnished with all utilities included, maid service and 24hr Fire & Theft Alarm.


NYSH officially began in October of 2010, but its conception; go back to 1997, when the owner, Andrew T. Wittman 3rd, was a student at college.  Below is a narrative describing how the concept began.

“In 1997, my intent to move off-campus was affected by my own efforts to lessen the financial burden incurred with on-campus living.  Since I was picking up my own tab for college, anyway to save myself money in the short term, while not to create a larger, long-term debt after graduation, was ideal.  Aside from the financial relief, the freedom and ability to have my own place, with roommates of my own choosing, our own private bathroom, kitchen, living room etc., was just the mix I was looking for. 

However, when I first started to look for a house to rent, I was amazed at the condition of inventory that was out there.  I came upon many rental properties that I could tell from the street I would never step foot in, let alone rent.  Additionally, on certain units I did walk thru, I encountered old, dirty rugs, musty basements, broken tiles, holes in walls, deplorable kitchens and bathrooms, old and broken windows and doors, etc.  Nothing that I would remotely conceive to live in, and then to find out that this was the norm, blew my mind.  I learned that most of the houses in the area were owned by below average landlords and were treated as such.  I couldn’t understand why students would choose to live in these conditions, however, over time I quickly came to the understanding, that if there were no other options out there, what choice did they have.

Within the month, I met a gentleman who was a local alderman for the city, and a landlord as well.  I went to see the house he had available, expecting similar conditions I had been experiencing so far.  Quite to my surprise, his house was in immaculate condition, with ample parking, close to campus and downtown.  However his rent was slightly higher than the rest……which made no matter to me!  I called my two roommates, and we sign the contract that same day.  Throughout our 2 years at the house, countless friends who visited were amazed at the conditions we were living in, and the landlord even secured students for the following year, 8 months before we moved out!  This man knew how to add value and create the right environment for his customers.  As a business major, with my plans of owning my own business one day, he helped teach me that lesson at an early age, a lesson I have carried with me all these years throughout all my business ventures.”